Person interaction

Adults 18+ yrs.
New York University Abu Dhabi    

Their description: This study was designed to learn more about how people think about different types of person interactions and is being conducted by New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) under the responsibility of Prof. Susanne Quadflieg and Prof. Nikolaos Mavridis. You will be asked to look at a series of person interactions and to evaluate each interaction according to several dimensions (e.g., how safe, intelligent, likeable etc. a target person seems to you). Subsequent to these evaluations, we will ask you about your personality (e.g., whether you consider yourself calm, extraverted etc.). At the end of the study, we will ask you to provide some demographic information (e.g., your age, gender, nationality). In total, participation in this study will take you about 30 min.


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