Sexual activity in long-term relationships

Adults 18+ yrs.
University of Houston 

Their description: This research project is being conducted by Mary Short, PhD, clinical psychology professor at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. This study seeks to determine the frequency of sexual activity in couples in long-term relationships and potential factors leading to reduced or nonexistent sexual activity in these relationships. Potential factors examined include individual health, relationship conflicts or distress, religious beliefs, personal beliefs about sexuality, attraction to your partner, self-image, pornography usage and sexual history. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire online including information regarding demographic history, sexual history, your partner or previous partners, your relationship or previous relationships, pornography usage, reasons that you feel may cause or have caused a reduction in sexual activity within the relationships, and religious beliefs. Some of the questions will be personal and sensitive. For example, you will be asked the number of sexual partners you have had in your lifetime. The total anticipated time commitment is approximately thirty minutes.


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