Texts and emotions

Adults 18+ yrs.
University of Geneva   

Their description: In everyday life we come across many different sorts of texts, dealing with very different kinds of topics. Some of these texts report on crises or catastrophes happening in other parts of the world, can move us through their content, and in some cases have a particular effect through the way they are worded. In this study we investigate readers’ emotional reactions to texts. We invite you to read one short text about the Rwanda genocide that happened in 1994. We would then like you to rate to what extent the text moves you. Afterwards we would like you to indicate which type of emotion/emotions the text elicits and in which intensity. After reading the whole text you will be asked to read three passages of the text again and, focusing only on the respective text passage, to rate them in the same way. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the study.


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