Psychological health and life satisfaction

Adults 18+ yrs.
University of the West of England   

Their description: Psychological flexibility, aspirations, psychological need satisfaction and resilience. My name is Sophie Gazla, I am currently training as a Counselling Psychologist. I am conducting this piece of research for my doctoral thesis. The purpose of this research is two fold; First is to investigate whether the way we process and manage our thoughts and feelings relates to the type of aspirations we value and the degree to which we have attained them; how well our psychological needs are satisfied within our environment and social relationships, and how we manage with difficult events. Second, is to investigate how well these are related to the level of fulfilment and general sense of well-being people experience in their lives. The aim is to get a new perspective of what makes people happy and live fulfilling, meaningful lives by investigating current theories within psychology research. It is hoped this will assist the Counselling Psychology profession to develop future research and design new ways of working with people therapeutically. More details about the study and a brief outline of the literature will be given once you have completed the study.

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