AnswerPanel is where researchers post links to surveys and people (that’s you) provide answers.

AnswerPanel gives researchers access to survey respondents at no cost.  That’s our difference.  Not everyone can afford online panels.  Lots of people do survey research – social scientists, students, academic researchers, health professionals, pollsters, public agencies, nonprofit groups, medical researchers, small businesses, large businesses, and the just plain curious.  These studies have huge benefits.  Academic journals are filled with them.  AnswerPanel was created to make it easier for researchers to find survey respondents, and easier for people with opinions to share them — particularly people who are interested in surveys that matter.

At AnswerPanel you volunteer a few minutes of your time and help someone else seeking information.

You will find some marketing surveys here as well.  These are not trying to sell you something, but rather learn about you as a potential customer.  Marketers have questions, too.

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