Where do you find these surveys?

  • Researchers come here and post surveys, and we find them online. Many universities, for example, post surveys being conducted by their professors and students.

You don’t pay people or offer gift cards or anything?

  • We don’t, but many of the surveys listed here do. It’s up to them. AnswerPanel is a place where serious researchers without large budgets can get answers from a cross-section of people.  And people who like to take surveys can find ones that interest them. In fact, we ask you for support! 

Where are all the ads?  Why doesn’t your site look like Times Square?

  • There are times when I miss the Times Square of the early 80’s.  No doubt it was grimy, and if I left my office after dark I walked really fast.  But it had a genuineness that today’s sanitized/product placed … wait, what was your question?  Oh, the ads.  Click here or on the link at the very bottom left just above copyright.  Then, please click on an ad.  We need the revenue!

Who are the people who post surveys?

  • All sorts – social scientists, students, academic researchers, health professionals, pollsters, public agencies, nonprofit groups, medical researchers, small businesses, large businesses, and the just plain curious.  Maybe you?

How are you funded?

  • Different ways.  People support us voluntarily to help out.  We have a page of ads that earn a tiny bit of revenue.  We’re an Amazon affiliate, so if you buy a book by clicking on a link here we earn a small commission.  We provide some consulting services (although, mostly we provide lots of free advice).  And there is the occasional bake sale if the bank account gets really low.

Is AnswerPanel a substitute for large commercial consumer panels?

  • Not unless we get really really big.  We’re not likely to reach the subpopulation of respondents who will only take surveys for financial incentives.

How does AnswerPanel compare to listings of psychology studies?

  • Breadth and information. We list the same surveys they do, but we also list surveys from outside the psychology community, such as marketing surveys or even surveys from people like you. We also try to make it easier to sort through and find the ones that most interest you.

If I post a survey, how many respondents will I get?

  • You tell us.  Use your web analytics software to track the source and get back to us.  We have no way of knowing.  Of course, much depends on the inherent interest value of your survey topic.

Are these surveys going to try to sell me something?  Are they just clever ads?

  • No.  That’s against the Rules.  If one does, tell us so that we can delete it.

Will a survey ask me for my name and contact info?

  • They might, but that’s pretty atypical, and always optional.

Why do people do this?

Why do you do this?

  • We like to think we’re spending our day making a difference.

Got a question?