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Coping with unemployment

Adults 18+ yrs. University at Albany   Their description: I am investigating what helps people cope with unemployment. The survey should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.  

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Satisfaction with self

Women Gallaudet University     Their description: I am a pre-doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Department at Gallaudet University.  I am conducting research on satisfaction.  I would like you to consider participating in this study of women.  It is hoped that

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Brand perceptions … a new method

Everyone Independent consultant. Their description: I’m developing a new survey methodology for my consulting practice about people’s perceptions of brands. Please help me out by taking it. It’s only a few minutes. This link will take you to SurveyMonkey. Thank

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Who am I? Personality, beliefs and self-concept

Everyone Humboldt-University of Berlin   Their description: Psychological study on personality, beliefs, and self-concept. The study consists of 16 pages with a total of 180 questions. Hence, the study should not take longer than 18-25 minutes. Dr. Jochen Gebauer & Andreas

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Music-based video games

All Ages. Glasgow Caldonian University    Their description:  Music-Based Video Games Survey: Uses, Attitudes & Requirements.  Welcome to our music-based video game survey. It is composed of 5 sections, please take your time to fill out each section as openly

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Second Life research study

Adults 18+ yrs. University of Massachusetts, Boston   Their description: I am a researcher at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I am conducting a research study on social interactions. The study takes place in the virtual world, Second Life. If you

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Everyday experience

Adults 18+ yrs. University of Southampton Their description: This is a social psychology study related to everyday experience and judgment. This study is about your attitudes. You will be asked to write an experience of yours and answer some questionnaires.

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New wellbeing questionnaire

Adults 17+ yrs. Curtin University  Their description: The purpose of this study is to develop a new questionnaire to assess wellbeing in adults. The questionnaire derived from this research will help with the development and evaluation of programs aimed at

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Applying game theoretic learning models

Adults 18+ yrs. University of Maryland    Their description: Applying Game Theoretic Learning Models to Forecast Recalibration. This research is being conducted by Ms. Colette Nataf at the University of Maryland.  The purpose of this research project is to further explore factors that

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Personality and Twitter

Everyone Nanyang Technological University   Their description:  This study aims to understand how people’s personality is related to what they say on Twitter. It will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. You will be asked to complete an online survey about

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