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Making sense of others

Adults 18+ yrs. Brown University   Their description: A research project conducted by Steve Guglielmo and Andrew Monroe at the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences, Brown University. This study examines how people make sense of others’ behaviors. If you

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Survey on thoughts

Adults 18+ yrs. Towson University Their description: A research study about descriptive thoughts, which may pop in to your head, be consistent or inconsistent with your beliefs, and cause some distress. These thoughts are normal for people to experience, but

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Coping with unemployment

Adults 18+ yrs. University at Albany   Their description: I am investigating what helps people cope with unemployment. The survey should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.  

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Satisfaction with self

Women Gallaudet University     Their description: I am a pre-doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Department at Gallaudet University.  I am conducting research on satisfaction.  I would like you to consider participating in this study of women.  It is hoped that

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Public toilet phobia

Adults 18+ yrs. University College London    Their description: You may have come to this research site because you are responding to an advert about difficulties using public toilets, especially when other people may be around. This is a recognised

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Psychology of fictional narratives

Adults 18+ yrs. AUT University     Their description: My name is Dr Jay Wood, and I am a Lecturer of Social Psychology at AUT University. I would like to invite you to take part in this research examining the psychology

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Career Decision Learning Experiences Survey

Adults 18-24 yrs. University of Missouri Their description: The purpose of this study is to develop a measure of experiences that contribute to “career decision self-efficacy,” which is a person’s belief in their ability to make good career decisions. If

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Who am I? Personality, beliefs and self-concept

Everyone Humboldt-University of Berlin   Their description: Psychological study on personality, beliefs, and self-concept. The study consists of 16 pages with a total of 180 questions. Hence, the study should not take longer than 18-25 minutes. Dr. Jochen Gebauer & Andreas

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Perceptions of gender in organizations

Employed Adults University of Worcester   Their description: You will be required to complete a series of questions on the person you directly report to, measuring perceptions of gender in the workplace. Completion of this questionnaire should take no more than

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Fathers’ view of treatments for children

Fathers Central Michigan University    Their description:   The goal of this study is to learn about how fathers view psychological treatments for children and their attitudes toward help-seeking.  You will be asked to tell us some information about yourself (such as

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