Using Survey Types will filter your view. Have an idea for improving these?

Survey – studies that use questionnaires to sample individual responses and then aggregate the data to make statistical inferences about a population. Most of what you’ll find here are surveys.

Quiz – short questionnaires that compare your responses to a population.

News – topical items of a numerical nature that (usually) reveal insight into humans around us.

Quick – when you’re in a hurry.

University – surveys associated with an institution of higher learning.  Usually vetted by review boards.

Business – surveys that help a business; often new websites or new products.

Help A Student — surveys that support the work of people who are pursuing degrees.

Featured — things that interest us today and we hope will interest you.


Consumer behavior — studies about how and why people choose to buy things.

Ethnic– involving a subgroup defined by cultural, racial, and place-of-origin parameters.

Health — related to physical well-being.

LGBT – involving or about people whose sexual orientation is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender.

Marketing – conducted by businesses seeking to gain insight into customers; usually with the goal of making them smarter about how to sell you stuff.

Men – studies seeking the responses of men and/or about issues relating to men.

Personality – studies about the combinations of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral patterns of individuals.

Psychology – research goal is to gain insight into human behavior.

Relationships – studies about how people interact with one another; often about couples.

Religion – studies involving beliefs systems that are intended to give meaning to life and death.

Sexuality – studies of intimate relationships and/or sexual orientation.

Women – studies seeking the responses of women and/or about issues relating to women.

Youth – studies seeking the responses of young people and/or about issues relating to young people.